4 Principles of Marketing

Basic Principles of Internet Marketing

Have you heard of Dan Kennedy? 
He’s a legendary marketer and entrepreneur…
I was watching an old video of his the other day and he drove home an important point:
Tools always change

Tactics occasionally change

Strategies rarely change.
…But Principles NEVER change.
When I heard it, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this applies to making money online.
Will the fancy new auto-responder help you build your business? It will. But it won’t be around forever. Give it three or six months and it will be replaced with another software that’s either faster, cheaper or better at something else. So why focus on the tools? According to Dan, you’re much better served if you focus on Principles. Remember, principles never change. So what are the PRINCIPLES I look for in a way to make money online?

 1. Able to work from anywhere 

2. Costs at least some money to get you started (stay away from free)

 3. Easy to set up 

4. Gives a money back guarantee

 Yes, they’re basic.  Remember, online is a business. You have to study and learn to achieve the goals you desire.

But this is a good start.

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