Advice from the Wise, John Colanzi. I figured this article would be beneficial to all that have undertaken this quest.

New marketers are coming online everyday. If you’re one of them, I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself,

“where do I start?”
There’s so little time and so much information to absorb.
So many gurus with conflicting information.
Who’s right?
Who should you listen to?

Before you do anything, you should sit down and decide what you are passionate about. It’s so much easier to succeed if you’re promoting something that excites you and gets your blood flowing.
I’ve always been an information junkie. Selling information just fits me like a glove.
You may be sports oriented. You may have a passion for selling sports related products.
In the words of Shakespeare, “In brief Sir, study what you most affect.”
Find your passion and you’re ready to get started.
The next question should be whether to promote affiliate programs?
I know many marketers may disagree, but I think affiliate programs are a good starting point.
** Pick the right program and you’ll get a good education.
** It requires little or no capital to get started.
** A good program will supply you with sales aids and teach you how to follow up on prospects.
** It’s like an apprenticeship. You’re being paid to learn.
** You’re building an opt in list. When you’re ready to launch your own products, you’ve got a built in audience.
Just follow these simple steps.


Find a good program that will give you a marketing education and a solid income stream.
Build your opt in list.
When you’re ready, start promoting your own products and services.


I’m sorry if you were looking for ideas on becoming an overnight millionaire. This isn’t the plan for you.


This simple plan is for you if:


You want to build a solid, long term business.
You don’t want to throw away money chasing “pie in the sky” dreams.
You realize that making money online is like anything else in life.

You have to learn in order to earn.
Get started now. Big goals are accomplished one step at a time.
Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi