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This can be tricky if you live outside a city. I live almost in the middle of nowhere. A little place called Arden, Ontario. I am surrounded with lakes and wild life (the animal kind). I am not way up north. I live in cottage country. About one hour north of Kingston, 2 hours west of Ottawa and 2 hours east of Peterborough. In 2020 we finally got a gas station and mini store. You get the picture.

Internet providers are some what limited. There is DSL (through the phone line), but no fiber or cable yet. So as it turns out you have internet service offered by a number of companies all on Bell Canada’s phone lines. The pricing for unlimited ranged from really high (Bell) to really affordable (Storm).

So if you are in eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Perth or Chesterville and you are looking for a provider I suggest you try these guys. There are no contracts, hidden fees and their customer service is outstanding.

Check them out with the link below:

Use Promo Code REFER2020, My Name is Rosemary Dooley and we will BOTH get a month FREE internet service

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