Welcome, Welcome So Glad You’re Here!

Hi. My name is Rosemary Dooley. Grab a coffee or whatever and join me on my journey. I will take you through my trials and tribulations of getting online and making an income. I have no recent knowledge of web hosting, web site design, auto responders and the like. So if you already know this stuff, then you are one up on me.  There is so much information out there it makes my head spin. I spend a lot of time online trying to learn new things, some of which has left me scratching my head. The one area I find extremely frustrating is the internet. How to learn how to sell my crafts online since there have been no craft fairs or trade shows in over a year due to Covid-19. It is like putting a puzzle together that is missing pieces. So my thought is, I cannot be the only one that feels this way. What I am hoping to do is share the programs and insights that make sense without needing a degree. If you get stuck just drop me a line by e-mail and if I can help, I will.